Bride And Groom Host Guests At Reception. Then Dad Takes The Mic And Puts A Stop To Everything!

Patrina and Charlie’s love story is a beautiful one. They were friends in high school, but like many friendships during that time, they drifted apart after graduation. By chance, they met on the streets of London several years later. The random meeting blossomed into love, but Patrina left shortly after to tour in a theater production.

Fortunately, Charlie was willing to wait for his true love to return, and after Patrina’s tour, the pair were married.  On the day, Patrina’s dad had a surprise in store for his lovely daughter.

During his toast, he recalled a dinner that he shared with Patrina. They started a conversation with the couple at the table next to them who were celebrating their first wedding anniversary. As they were busy planning Patrina’s wedding, he asked them if there was one thing they would change about their wedding day.

The woman replied: “I wish it could’ve lasted two days.”

Patrina’s dad has his own interpretation of the statement: “When you rephrase that, what she said was, ‘I wish it could last one day more.’”

And with that, he introduced a flash mob of Patrina’s theater friends, there to give a “Les Miserables” inspired performance!

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Newlyweds Thought DJ Would Play “Their” Song But Sister Hands Mic To “Uninvited” Guests

It just so happened that a family friend knew Brandon and Sara’s musical idols were playing a show only an hour away. She figured she had nothing to lose, and wrote to the band, asking them if they wouldn’t mind making a detour to make an appearance and play the first song the newlyweds dance to, which was actually the band’s song they chose anyway! The group agreed to show up for a super epic wedding crash!

It was at the reception, in front of the huge family in the barn, as little sis was making her speech, she nonchalantly passed the mic by saying, “I am not musically inclined at all… and thought we needed a little extra help for the surprise for you guys, so, I will hand it off to them…” and in walks the special musical guests.

Both the bride and groom break down in the best way possible. What a special gift, all because a family friend took a chance to send an email. This video rocks.

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Grandpa Wants To Wire Transfer $2,300 To Grandson, But Walmart Cashier Refuses To Help

However, after he went to transfer the money with the help from Walmart cashier Audrella Taylor, something told her that this situation didn’t seem right — it looked like a typical scam. Audrella asked Cecil if the attorney contacted his grandson’s mother or if the grandson had gotten in direct contact with him? Cecil replied “no” to both. These answers were her first warning sign; another red flag was that the attorney told Cecil not to inform anybody else in his family about what had happened.

But, immediately after Audrella had a conversation with Cecil, he realized that the call was, in fact, a scam. It was the woman’s right judgment that helped him keep his $2,300.

While Cecil ended up lucky in this situation, not everyone is. It is estimated that up to 4 million people get scammed each year, whether that be through phone calls, e-mails, letters in the mail, social media, advertisements, or via other sources. Prize-winning, arrest, and IRS tax scams are all very common; the elderly are often the most common target.

Overall, it is essential that we are all aware of scams and use rational thinking through fishy situations like the Walmart cashier in this story.

Watch the video below to learn more about Audrella’s good deed! (We truly need more people like her in the world.)

Travel guru Rick Steves gives away $4 million apartment complex for housing homeless women and children

SEATTLE — Travel book writer and TV show host Rick Steves has given a $4 million apartment complex in Lynnwood, Wash., to the YWCA for housing homeless women and their families.

“One of my pet social causes has long been affordable housing,” Steves wrote on his travel blog, posted April 13. “Twenty years ago, I devised a scheme where I could put my retirement savings not into a bank to get interest, but into cheap apartments to house struggling neighbors. I would retain my capital, my equity would grow as the apartment complex appreciated, and I would suffer none of the headaches that I would have if I had rented out the units as a landlord. Rather than collecting rent, my ‘income’ would be the joy of housing otherwise desperate people.”

Steves, whose company is based in Edmonds, Wash., said he eventually came to own a 24-apartment complex in Lynnwood that he provided it to the YWCA for housing single moms who were recovering-drug addicts and getting custody of their children back. It is called Trinity Place.

“Imagine the joy of knowing that I could provide a simple two-bedroom apartment for a mom and her kids as she fought to get her life back on track,” he wrote.

But then he decided to take it a step further.

“With the election of our president and the rise of a new, greed-is-good ethic in our government, I want to be more constructive than just complaining about how our society is once again embracing ‘trickle-down’ ethics, and our remarkable ability to ignore the need in our communities even as so much wealth is accumulated within the top one percent of our populace,” Steves wrote.

Speedy the goat saves a family from a fire

POINSETT COUNTY, Ark. — Don’t let the little goat fool you. Speedy, the loud family pet, is now being hailed a hero.

“I was in the living room sleeping,” said Abigail Bruce.

The 10-year-old said her sleep was interrupted Saturday night by Speedy.

Speedy was jumping on her legs and then her chest. He wasn’t giving up until his message got across.

“I was thinking what’s happening? And all I seen was smoke,” she said.

Abigail jumped off the couch and barged into her parent’s room.

“I woke up to Abigail running into the room saying it was smokey and she could barely breathe,” said her father Nick Bruce.

He soon realized the garage was engulfed in flames.

“The fire was already starting to come through the windows,” he said.

The family jumped out the bedroom window and onto the front lawn unscathed.

The Weiner fire department got to their home on North Prairie minutes later. They were able to get the flames out, but unfortunately, the smoke and soot damaged everything inside.

The family said it could have been worse if it weren’t for Speedy.

“He knew what to do and everything,” said Abigail.

See, Speedy joined the family two days before their home caught fire. The goat was an early birthday gift for Abigail and lived with the family inside their home.

“I didn’t approve of him at first but he’ll be there from now on,” said Nick Bruce.

Speedy isn’t your normal pet, but Abigail knew that all along.

“I think he was special before we got him,” she said.

Officials told WREG the cause of the fire was electrical.

The Weiner Fire Department and the Jonesboro Fire Department set up a fund to help the family.

If you would like to help, call the Jonesboro Fire Department at (870) 932-2428.

Portable toilets converted into homes for homeless

A Los Angeles man says he’s found a solution to the city’s housing crisis in the most unlikeliest of places.

T.K. Devine wants to help solve L.A.’s homeless problem with portable toilets.

“Folks who are living it rough and living on the streets and are trying to make a better life for themselves, they need consistency,” Devine told CBS Los Angeles. “They need a good night’s rest.”

The 35-year-old founder of Porta-Home is converting portable toilets into portable homes out of a downtown Los Angeles warehouse, including one built for himself.

It’s a large unit, originally built for those with disabilities, and the toilet is removed. The bed folds up and turns the room into a kitchen, along with a mini-fridge under the bed.

“I can fit a 6-foot-1 frame — with my shoes off, like my mama taught me — comfortably on the bed, and yeah, it’s as big as a twin bed,” he says.

When you have to use the bathroom, just walk around back to the attached shower unit. The recycled water irrigates a top-level garden near solar panels that power the home. The system rests on a trailer that can be parked on any residential property, and the only hookup needed is a water hose.

Having intentionally lived out of his truck and former office space, Devine has proved his devotion to the alternative housing and micro-housing movement. He’s hoping these Porta-Homes can offer an affordable solution.

“I think we can do this for under [$20,000]” per unit, he said.

Once Devine finishes his current home, he’s planning on loading it onto a trailer for a yearlong tour of Los Angeles, parking it at different residential properties.

While he lives inside the trailer, he’ll be documenting the experience online at his website. Devine says he hopes to raise the funds through donations and then donate the homes to homeless charities.

Bat reportedly found in Packaged Fresh Salad Mix

The bat was sent to the CDC after it was found in a bag of Fresh Express Organic Marketside Spring Mix.

“The deteriorated condition of the bat did not allow for CDC to definitively rule out whether this bat had rabies,” the Atlanta-based agency said

The CDC said the risk of rabies transmission was extremely low but not zero, so the two people who ate salad mix were recommended for treatment as a precaution.

They are fine and show no signs of having rabies, the CDC said.

that were sold at Walmarts in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia. that were sold at Walmarts in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia. Fresh Express has recalled packages of the salad mix that were sold at Walmarts in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia. The affected product has the production code G089B19 and best-if-used-by date of Apr 14, 2017 on the front label, and UPC code 6 8113132897 5 on the bottom of the container. “Upon receiving notification, both Walmart and Fresh Express food safety and rapid response teams, in close coordination with regulatory authorities, acted immediately to review all relevant records, launch an intensive investigation and initiate product removal and recall procedures,” Fresh Express said. There have been no other reports of animal matter. The Florida Department of Health, US Food and Drug Administration and CDC are part of the investigation into the dead bat.

Man Accidentally Shoots Himself at NRA Headquarters

A National Rifle Association employee accidentally shot himself while doing firearms training at the organization’s headquarters, according to police.The 46-year-old man’s pistol accidentally discharged Thursday afternoon as he holstered the gun in Fairfax County, Virginia, police said.The accidental shooting happened at the NRA’s National Firearms Museum at 11250 Waples Mill Road in Fairfax.The employee suffered a minor wound to his lower body and was taken to a hospital for treatment, police said.Officers worked with the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office and no charges are expected, according to police.News4 has reached out to the NRA for comment, but has not received an immediate response.Published 51 minutes ago | Updated 13 minutes ago

Scotland could leave the UK, and join Canada instead, says author

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Ken McGoogan thinks Scotland should become Canada’s 11th province

As Scotland pushes for a second referendum on independence, one man is asking the previously unthinkable – if you’re going quit the UK, why not join Canada?Canadian writer Ken McGoogan says the unorthodox alliance makes sense.”I think it would be terrific for both Scotland and Canada,” he says. McGoogan first laid out his proposal in an opinion piece published in Canadian newspaper the Globe and Mail, where he argued that advancements in telecommunication technology and transatlantic travel have rendered pesky things like geographical boundaries “irrelevant”. Besides, he points out, Scotland is closer to Newfoundland than Hawaii is to California.Last week, the Scottish Parliament voted in favour of asking the UK government to allow a legally-binding referendum on independence.Prime Minister Theresa May has said the vote should wait until after Brexit.

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It’s not clear what Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon makes of the idea

Mr McGoogan says he sympathises with the angst that many Scots are feeling over Britain’s decision to leave the EU.”The Scots aren’t happy right now, and I don’t think they’re being treated especially well.” Mr McGoogan says that if Scotland were to join Canada, it would enjoy a lot more independence and hold a lot more power than it currently does with Great Britain. Scotland would be Canada’s third largest province, with 5.3 million people, which would give it significant political sway. Add to that the millions of Canadians who, like Mr McGoogan, have Scottish ancestry, and you’d have a national-ethnic bloc about 10m strong, he reasons.More importantly, Canadian provinces are in charge of more aspects of governance than Scotland has been afforded as part of the UK. Canadian provinces are in charge of their own courts, health-care, systems and educational institutions. Some provinces also have their own immigration programmes, a fact that has already piqued the interest of a number of British and Scottish MPs.Brexit “would never happen in Canada,” Mr McGoogan argues, without the permission of all the provinces.But the arrangement wouldn’t only benefit Scotland, he argues. By making Scotland Canada’s 11th province, Canada would gain a foothold in Europe. Far from abandoning any future Scottish bid for the EU, Mr McGoogan argues that Scotland could apply to join with Canada.Mr McGoogan’s ideas may shock some, and would certainly require years of back-and-forth negotiations with both Scotland and the UK, he readily admits.”This is a flight of fancy,” he said. “In an ideal world, this might work really well.” As the author of How the Scots Invented Canada and Celtic Lightning, Mr McGoogan has made a career of understanding the historic ties that bind Scotland and Canada. Scotland had a “major, major hand” in creating the political culture in Canada, he says, as well as its educational and banking institutions. More than half of Canada’s prime ministers have claimed Scottish heritage, as did many other prominent figures such as Simon Fraser and James McGill.”The Scots have left their fingerprints all over this country,” he says.

cop turns robber at Sri Lanka park

ECONOMYNEXT – A constable attached to the Cinnamon Gardens police station was arrested on Thursday after he snatched a gold chain from a woman at the Viharamahadevi park, police headquarters said.

The constable was caught by the victim’s husband and several civil defence force personnel who chased after him and grabbed him near his workplace – the Cinnamon Gardens police station – on Thursday evening.

The unidentified constable was held at his station and was due to be taken before a magistrate on Friday, police said. The woman’s gold chain was valued at 85,000 rupees.

The Viharamahadevi park is popular with young families who spend time till late in the evening. There had been a few muggings at the park, prompting calls for greater police protection.

Despite a drive to have compulsory meditation sessions for the 88,000-strong police force, there had been a spike in wrongdoing by police personnel.

An inspector committed suicide after meditation, while two were filmed beating up a motorcyclist in Kalutara. Several other excesses were also reported in the past two weeks. (COLOMBO, April 6, 2017)