Scottish teen rescues sheep sinking into muddy bog

March 16 (UPI) — A Scottish teenager out testing his new camera lenses ended up rescuing a filthy sheep he found buried up to its head in a muddy bog.
James Raeburn, 17, posted a video to YouTube showing his rescue of the sheep he found trapped in the bog Tuesday in Craigie.
“I thought it was dead at first, but it seems to be alive, so I’m going to — I’m going to try and rescue a sheep,” Raeburn says in the video. “This could get messy.”
The video uses sped-up footage to show Raeburn working for about an hour to pull the sheep out of its predicament.
He is eventually able to hoist the mud-covered sheep and set it next to the mud puddle to rest.
“Never thought I would be doing that today,” he says in the video.